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Girl on Girl: Why This Election is Bigger Than Your Penis

Girl on Girl: Why This Election is Bigger Than Your Penis

Originally published on CUIndependent.com on November 3, 2016

If you read about Why I’m Voting With My Vagina, you won’t be surprised to hear that your penis doesn’t matter to me this election. Let’s get one thing out the way: I love penises and I have no doubt you’ve got a nice one. But, this election needs you to use the contradicting part of your body, boys. I beg of you: think with your head this time.

Time and time again, this nation has voted with their dicks, men and women alike. We have divided our nation’s issues into feminized and masculinized positions on healthcare versus taxes, and have prioritized the latter. Man has taught his wife, children and the lower class the importance of voting with his penis. But in this election, that simply won’t do. Easy, easy, I’m not blaming you, I’m just acknowledging what you have been taught: the difference between right and wrong according to what benefits the white male in America.

November has kicked off and is practically in full-swing as we inch closer to the world’s biggest nightmare— an election between a pussy-grabbing carrot and a classic politician who has the enormous birth defect of popping out female.

If you view this as your biggest problem, it’s time to flip the picture around, my friend. For the first time ever, in the history of the United States of America, you have the opportunity to impart the most dramatic change our country has ever seen. As the leading nation we fail every day to include the imperative other half. Isn’t it our turn?

Maybe that’s not my best argument. Maybe you’re just sexist and don’t believe a woman is fit to run the country. Better yet, maybe you’re ignorant and don’t feel that lawyer, senator and secretary of state Hillary Rodham Clinton is not the “right” first woman president.

I understand. You would rather Donald Trump, the man who will face trial later this November for issues of fraud within his own “fantastic” companies and additional cases—including raping a child— as the better man, excuse me, the 45th man, to be president.

I can’t tell you I get it, but I do perfectly understand that your penis matters more to you than my vagina. If you feel confident in your shoe size, perhaps you could put aside your pettiness and realize what is at stake here. My body and my mind are up for grabs this election— literally. When you choose to vote with your penis you reject the importance of my life. Of my being. Of every woman and her rights. Of our human rights.

By voting for Donald Trump, you reject the women in our country who are doggy-paddling their way to save themselves from drowning. You are pointing and laughing as I am raped and beaten. You’re calling it locker-room talk. You’re telling me it’s my fault.

That is not the America I want to part of. If that’s what “greatness” looks like to you, you are the America I will be combating against for the rest of my life. That is not the future I envision for myself. But it is much greater than just one person, it is about the gender of women that I am proud to be part of, and I refuse to let her walk alone. This election is a great deal bigger than your proudest erection. Vote by Nov. 8 and deeply consider what is at stake. We have a mouthful of vagina that finally needs to be heard, and one candidate who will deliver the message.


Photo by Zoe Gittelson

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