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This College Life: New Year, New Rules

Originally published on CUIndependent.com on Jan. 1 2015

After a long break at the warm beach or your cozy cabin, I hope that syllabus week was all you dreamed it would be! As we enter the weekend with anticipation for a new academic semester, a new opportunity presents itself. With five months left in the school year, what will you do to make this semester better than the last?

New Year’s is more than a midnight kiss; it is a reminder that the clock doesn’t stop and that the years continue to pass us by. Although we can’t call a freeze frame, we can continue to better the time we do have. New Year’s resolutions don’t have to be hoaxy words on a page. Even just taking the time to consider slight modifications to your lifestyle can create a positive change in your year. Here are a couple of areas in which you can make some change.

1) Funds

It is a challenge to manage your own funds and account for everything you need and want. Think of what you splurged on last semester and where you can save a bit in this one. One less dinner a month can make a difference in your savings. Think about the groceries you buy and which will go bad fastest. Be conscious of expiration dates and try to waste less items.

2) Food

Just because you budget doesn’t mean you shouldn’t eat well. Instead of buying more or less, try different. Try teriyaki instead of barbecue sauce for a change. You can even use the Internet to explore new recipes!

3) Friends

A new semester means new classes. Put yourself out there and try to make new friends. Find a study buddy or exchange phone numbers with a classmate who will help you keep up with your assignments. Reach out to friends from last semester and be enthusiastic when they reach out to you. Say yes more often and branch out!

4) Future

Make yourself a priority this semester. While it’s important to say yes to free time outside your house, be sure to keep an academic focus. Strive to be both an active participant in class as well as a proactive student outside of it. You’ll find that you enjoy and appreciate your education more. Take your future into consideration by exploring it in ways that make you happy.

These are only a couple of tips on how to enhance your life this semester. We are only sixteen days into the new year; there is still plenty of time to reflect on your accomplishments and not-so-great moments from 2014 and create a positive change. Take this semester by the reins and push yourself to improve in areas you feel need some work . Keep in mind that change is not only about making positive improvements, but also about finding ways to make the positive even better.

Happy New Year, Buffs!

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